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Theodosius Fowler SECOR

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Birth  22 Mar 1808  Eastchester, NY 
Sex  Male 
Died  29 Apr 1901  1177 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 
Buried  Woodlawn Cem., Bronx, NY 
Person ID  I02108  Ambroise Sicard & his Progeny 
Last Modified  16 Jun 2007 
Mother  Jane Gallaudet PEASE, b. 18 Mar 1780, Freehold, Monmouth, NJ, USA 
Group Sheet  F1362  Ambroise Sicard & his Progeny 
  • Why he dropped the "d" unknown.
    See Brooklyn Eagle, 5/1/1901; page 3 for entire Obit.
    1835 NYC Register lists T.F. as an Engineer.
    1850 NYC Register lists T.F. as a Founder of Ironworks. (Morgan Iron Works on the East River was engaged in the manufacturing and repair of engines for steamboats and ocean shipping and the production of heavy castings and machinery.)
    1869 NYC Registry lists T. F. residence at 210 E. 12 th St.
    1890 NYC Directory lists T.F. in Real Estate with residence at 119 W. 70th St.
    NY Times Obit, 5/1/1901 " *******, a pioneer shipbuilder and engineer, died at his home, 1,177 Dean Street, Brooklyn, on Monday, after an illness covering a period of three months. He was ninety-three years old.
    "Mr Secor was born in New York City, and while young entered the shop of the Allaire Iron Works, where he studied marine engineering and the construction of engines generally. In 1835 he went to Havana, and there engaged in making the engines for the operation of sugar mills. A year later he returned to this country and began the operation of a large plant of his own in partnership with Charles Morgan, who was afterward proprietor of the Morgan line of steamships.
    "In 1838, he sold out to Mr Morgan, who established the Morgan Iron Works. This partnership continued for a number of years.
    After his retirement, He met Commodore Vanderbilt who who induced him to take an interest in the Allaire Iron Works where he had served before. He and the Commodore became partners.
    " In 1848, Mr Secor built the steamer The New World, one of the largest vessels of her type at that time. She was 371 feet long and and a beam of 36 feet. For the thirty years following her construction no other vessel exceeded her in speed."

    "Mr Secor's health began to fail about a year ago, but his intellect was very strong until a few days ago, when it began to fail. He leaves an estate valued at over $1, 000,000. A widow and one daughter survive him.
    "Funeral services will be held at Mr Secor's late home tonight. The burial will be at Woodlawn on Thursday morning"
    There were various Secors engaged in ship building during the Civil War period. To set the record here is a list of some of those companies:
    Secor & Co., Boilermakers, foot of E. 20th St, NYC - USS Tecumseh launched 9/12/1862 for $460,000.00. Sunk by a torpedo at the battle of Mobile Bay 8/5/1864. USS Mohapoc, 5/15/1854 for $635,000.00.
    Zeno Secor & Co - see Zeno.
    Perine, Secor & Co - USS Manhattan, 10/14/1883 for $626,000.00.
    Samuel Secor & Co - see Samuel.
    Donahue, Ryan & Secor - USS Comanche, 11/14/1864 for $589,000.00. It was shipped from NYC to San Fancisco aboard the USS Aquilla which sank in the San Francisco harbor.
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